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Quai Link is a Domain Service built on the Quai Network.
Butterfly Protocol is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that focuses on bringing the most robust naming environment to the decentralized internet.

Coming Soon...

BProto Zone Manager

BProto Zone Manager is a powerful desktop application tool designed to manage ENS compatible crypto domain projects across multiple EVM-compatible chains.

E-Mail Service

The BProto E-Mail Sevice adds another use-case to BProto domains. Seemless integration with Legacy E-Mail, a new approach to business communication and self-hosting are just some of the features you can expect.

Technology We Built

The Cortex Network is a scalable, provable, user-centric network for publishing Web3 content. Not your keys, not your content!
A complete building data history accessible through a single location. Create a Smart Digital Twin of a building, and all its assets, with data aggregated from multiple sources—tied to its unique digital identity for its entire life-cycle.